About Cure Brain Cancer

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is the largest dedicated funder of brain cancer research in Australia. Partnering with the research community, we are steering the national agenda for brain cancer research.

  • Our mission is to increase five-year survival to 50% by 2023. Currently only 2 in 10 people will survive brain cancer for five years
  • We fund innovative, high-priority research, to get new treatments to patients faster
  • We work with partners to support a collaborative, international and multi-discipline brain cancer research community

We recognise that to solve a complex problem like brain cancer we need to do things differently; to think laterally and find smarter solutions that allow us to make breakthroughs much faster than traditional research methods allow.

Team Cure Brain Cancer is entering challenge events all over Australia (and the world!)

Join us today and help make a significant difference to those diagnosed with brain cancer by raising vital funds and awareness.